Supersonic Soul: The World Without

by Shane Carey

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The sequel to my 2014 concept album, "The Return of the Supersonic Soul." What can a hero do when his writer has it in for him?


released June 10, 2015

Written and performed by SHANE CAREY:
Vocals, guitar, NS/Stick®, programming

Guest performers:

Co-produced by CLIFTON GRAY
Cover art by SHANE CAREY.

Thanks: Tommy Cannon, Dawn Gilpin, Maria Konopken, Bill Binder, Bryan Gerdes, Nadia Torres

Special Thanks to Clifton Gray



all rights reserved


Shane Carey Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: Desol
This world
So full of people
and beauty
and love
This world is going to die

The day goes cold
A pestilent shadow
Shrouds the earth from the light
Wings unfold
A face so malevolent
A voice mocking and arrogant
Darker still than the night

Hi, my name is Desol
I'll be your destroyer today
Should I give you a few minutes to cower in fear
or are you ready to die?

All faces turn to the skies
I hear a cheer as I rise
into a night as black as coal
I am the Supersonic Soul

Where there is fear
Reach out, I'll be near
I am the hero
And you don't have to be afraid
I will keep you safe
If you're in pain
Just call out my name
I am the hero
And whatever is hurting you
will answer to me

Didn't anybody tell you this is my town?
I'm not afraid of shade
You made a great mistake
To try to take me down
I believe I've heard this all before
So scary, very evil,
best believe you'll leave
without what you came for

Stand down, you enemy of right
And give us back our light
This world you can't control
This is a fight you cannot win
You'll lose if you begin
You face the Supersonic Soul

A gaze that stings
Turn my direction
Promising endless pain
Eyes that sing
gleefully of shallow graves
radiating hateful waves
Murderous, mirthful, insane

Little hero, you have no idea what I am
But I'm glad you're here
I was in the mood for an appetizer

I am a shadow on the sun
eternity undone
I'll swallow your world whole
I am the cold and bitter death
Your world's final breath
Behold the destroyer Desol

This world
So full of people and beauty and love
This world is not going to die

Powerful you may be
But you've never faced me
I am the hero
And your time is over

We'll see about that
Track Name: Harder
Time to act
Brace for impact
Flying at the speed of sound
I'll give the first shot everything I got
Show it I'm not messin' 'round

Then it hits me harder
than I ever felt before
I swallow red and shake my head
That's not what I was ready for

Gotta find a way to control this
gotta beat this
Gotta figure out a way to defeat this
Fighting for my life here
I will not give in

A little scared, but I came prepared
In case I need a little shot of sound
Aretha's tones in the headphones
And I'm ready for another round

Then it hits me harder
than I ever felt before
My body's achin', faith is shaken
Don't think I can take no more

Gotta find a way to control this
gotta beat this
Gotta figure out a way to defeat this
Fighting for my life here
I will not give in

This is my life
This is my story
How can there be anything stronger than me
In my life
In my story

Gotta find a way to control this
gotta beat this
Gotta figure out a way to defeat this

Gotta find a way to control this
gotta beat this
Gotta figure out a way to defeat this

Gotta find a way to control this
gotta beat this
Gotta figure out a way to defeat this

Fighting for my life here
And it hits me harder
And there must be some mistake
And it hits me harder
And I feel something break
And it hits me harder
And I'm running for my life...
Track Name: One Way Or Another
We all have our demons
We all struggle now and then
Sometimes we think we're on top
Then they lay us low again

But you,
you're the reason for my plight
You make it exciting by keeping me fighting
a bigger and stronger fight

Every day a new disaster
That's harder to avert
One way or another
I have to stop you
before someone gets hurt

Oh, Reader, the stories you write for my glory
threaten innocent lives
Please cease, release me and show me
a peace that can survive

IfI have to get on my knees and beg
You'll see me crawling in the dirt
One way or another
I have to stop you
before someone gets hurt

Don't get me wrong
I remember our history
You gave me back my life
I'm grateful for what you've done for me

But you brought me back to show me
I could be so much more
I'm a protector
That's what a hero's for

I hope you'll see what I say is true
But if you don't see the light
I'm bringing the fight to you

One way or another (we all have our demons)
One way or another (we all have our demons)
One way or another
I have to stop you
before someone gets hurt
Track Name: Ingratitude
I have drawn you here to me
I think we can agree
We need to have an honest conversation
You've decided to contend
My writing has to end
Whether by persuasion or by confrontation

I saved you
Remade you
I gave you a life renewed
You'd fight me
Indict me
Requite me with such ingratitude

I have drawn you here to show
There's nowhere you can go
I can move you with a simple illustration
If you think you can demand
Maybe you don't understand
Who of us creates and who is the creation

I saved you
Remade you
I gave you new life and you'd
Refuse me
Accuse me
Abuse me, such ingratitude

No point in explaining
No matter your complaining
You will fight because it's out of your control
I gave you power and purpose
You'll use it in my service
Go and be the hero, Supersonic Soul

Now I draw you... home
Track Name: Powerless, part 1
I never felt so alone and useless
Waiting on the moon for the world to end
I can't beat the Demon, I can't please The Reader
I can't save the people I'm supposed to defend
This is not the path I thought I was walking
Have I been deluded from the start
To use all my power for protection
In the role of the hero
But I can't play that part

All I can do now is offer a distraction
Let them see me fighting 'til the end
If they must die, at least they'll go out hopeful
Watching their hero, watching me pretend
This is not the path that I would have chosen
I don't know if I can find it in my heart
To make them think their champion will fight
That good will triumph over evil
When I can't...
Track Name: Powerless, part 2
We play the part
We read the lines
We live the life
That someone else designs

We have no will
We have no voice
We learn to serve
We have no choice

I don't understand you
Or rather, I disagree
Yes, I'm at your mercy
But why do you keep saying "we"?

I'm sorry I
Was angry and cruel
It's hard to admit
I acted like a fool

I can't change my writing
I'm powerless just like you
Yes, I write your story
But I'm being written too

SS: Who is this Writer? Who's calling the shots?
R: I only know him as a ghost in my thoughts
SS: Does he write everything we say and do?
R: He controls me; I'm not sure about you

SS: Desol is coming
I have to go and try
If the Writer won't listen
R: This world is going to die

SS: I need to tell him I can't beat this foe
R: He is the Writer; do you think he won't know?
SS: At least I'll have a chance to plead our case
R: But how will you find him?
SS: Just draw us face to face

Desol is coming
SS: I have to go and try
If the Writer won't listen
This world is going to die

I hope he'll see
I hope he'll care
I draw you to him out there
Track Name: Sorry
Welcome, have a seat; make yourself at home
Sorry the place is such a mess
I'm the Writer. Pleased to meet you ...and embarrassed
Whatever you expected, I must be less

As creators go, I'm no Supreme Being
Sorry, just a regular guy
No great powers, no divine wisdom
No eternal life, no house in the sky

I made you in my image, but better than me
Less flawed, more powerful, everything I wish I could be


I'm the reason the Reader can't change your story
Sorry to do that to you
You're not fighting for entertainment or glory
But because I don't know what else to do

Your struggle with the demon is by my design
Hoping answers are in your world that I can't find in mine


Sorry I can't help you solve this problem
Sorry I can't make it go away
Sorry I can't do this without you
Sorry, I don't know what else to say

Sorry to disappoint you
With all that I lack
All I can do now is send you home
This should take you back
Track Name: Dissonance
I hear my entire world
I hear people, I hear feelings
(I hear my world)
In this world
my world is
a composition
And every part is right
And every part belongs
And the composition is more than the sum of its parts
Change the balance and change the chemistry
With one missing part, beauty is lost
Balance, composition, vision,
composition, balance
Every note
Intended and loved
There's a reason
There's a meaning
Every part was put there for a reason
Every part is true
But what of the demon?

Through the eyes we take in
shade and color
Try to recognize the forms
Look for patterns
Symbols and faces
Seeing wants to find meaning

Through our ears,
vibrations of the world
speak directly to our hearts
Sounds we know and sounds we don't
Can move us equally
Hearing goes straight to feeling

I was led to understand
my story was written on the printed page
But now I'm hearing my entire world in a song
A message from the heart
Connection to a world
Where we are all loved
and we belong

We dance with creation itself
Connected by sound

From the inside
We can choose to divide
We can fight for control
But now I hear the composition
Parts arranged with such precision
Take away one part and lose the whole

But that means the demon
must also belong
Destructive and dissonant
but still part of the song

Desol is the evil
Created to fight the good
We both were intended
We both do what we should

Maybe what the Writer needs to learn from me
Is that the composition has no part that shouldn't be
The resolution of a dissonant sound
Gives meaning to the tension and a beauty that's profound

When there is fear
reach out, try to hear
The song you have to sing
Is your demon, your soul, and your everything

Embrace your dissonance
Strength and weakness, courage and doubt
Let me show you resolution
The world within can heal the world without
Track Name: AUM
There's no sun to set
But the waves gleam orange with fire
I gaze into the flames
And struggle with desire

It's hard to wait and watch my world burn
It's hard to say the hero won't return
But to end the escalation, I must learn
To trust the composition

I hear the demon coming for me now
I sit as still as fright and nerves allow
'Cause the Writer needs for me to show him how
To trust the composition


I don't have to beat this
This is not my story
This is our song
We are all one

I hear the Demon coming
I don't have to beat him
We share a song
We are all one
Track Name: Sonic Supersoul
What have you done?
What have you done?

This world
now has no hero to stand in my way
This world is going to die

What have I done?
What have I done?

I feel the Demon
Devoid of joy
Created without love and only to destroy

I feel the Reader
slave to his fate
To lose the hero who's his reason to create

Outside the world, I'm freer than they can ever be
And I can hear the composition singing to me

My power grows as music fills my spirit with sound
There still is hope for resolution yet to be found

I hear the Reader,
Myself, Desol
I hear three parts that can become a greater whole

I hear their spirits
Draw them to mine
I hear the dissonance resolve as we combine

I am a wave of water, light, emotion, and sound
The purest tone, the perfect pitch, vibration profound
I am ideal, the gospel, truth, the knowledge, the word
I am the world, the song as it was meant to be heard

I am
I am
I am Sonic Supersoul